Koi And Pond Specialists In East Sussex


 Koi and Pond Health Checks

 Our in-house specialist team will work ‘pond side’ to identify the cause of any ‘fish health’ problem. They will carry out water quality tests, to ensure all parameters are within normal limits, then take a series of mucus scrapes from the fish (this is completely painless). Our team will analyse this sample under a microscope to identify a ‘diagnosis’, which will allow us to recommend the appropriate medication to treat the disease

Pond and Filter Maintenance

  Often as part of a contract or maintenance visit requested by the customer, our in house specialist team will carry out routine and complex maintenance on pond filtration systems. We can undertake a full assessment of your current running system and resolve any issues that we identify. 


  Filtration Installations

 Our in-house pond specialist team provide a complete filtration installation service which we can discuss during pond site visits. Our team can determine the appropriate type of filtration system needed to keep your Koi healthy. They will provide you with a written quotation and if you are completely happy with the quote, we will book you in for your filtration installation. All of our work is carried out by our in-house specialist team to a very high standard. 

 Pond Liner Installations

 Our in-house specialist team in East Sussex, carry out pond liner installations using Green Seal EPDM Pond Liner at either 0.75mm or 1.0mm thickness. This all depends on the requirement of the installation. It has an excellent level of flexibility, can be used by landscapers for canals and lakes and costs around 30% less than the Butyl Liner.


Pond Cleans 

Pond cleans are carried out to remove debris, silt and overgrown plantation, as this could have a detrimental effect on fish health. Our team will ensure that your pond is clean and provides the best environment for your Koi. 

Pond Builds

  Our team will help you plan and design your pond, determine the filtration requirements, as well as offer a complete service from build to installation. We'll draw upon years of experience to help you build the right environment for your Koi.





 If you are looking for Koi and pond specialists in East Sussex , get in touch with us at Icklesham Koi for all your Koi and pond needs.

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