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We are leading suppliers of high quality Japanese Koi in East Sussex. All of our Koi are imported direct from Japan and every one is hand selected from The Ogata Koi Farm, Fukuoka Japan which has been in operation since 1972 serving as a well known hotspot for the best selection of Japanese Koi. We only deal with one Koi farm and only select when we have seen evidence that the Koi are healthy and they run as a Biosecure Koi farm. 

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The Ogata Koi we select are popular, bright and colourful varieties of Koi and will look amazing in any pond.

Importing the Koi

After selecting the Koi from our supplier in Japan. The Koi are imported into the UK. Once the Koi have arrived at Icklesham Koi, we carry out our own specialised quarantine procedures and do not sell any Koi until we are completely satisfied that they are fit and healthy.


 Beautiful Koi imported directly from Japan 



Our Koi


At Icklesham Koi we are proud to supply hand selected quality Koi to our customers. We only import Koi from the Ogata Koi Farm in Japan and from no other source, they carry out stringent health checks to ensure that the Koi are free of SVC and KHV. This enables us to offer our customers reassurance that Koi bought from us are healthy and disease free!

Once the Koi arrive at Icklesham Koi, we carry out our own quarantine procedures and do not sell Koi until we are satisfied that all Koi are fit and healthy! 

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Why Choose Icklesham Koi?


You can count on us to provide expert advice regarding any Koi/pond related concerns you may have. We know exactly what it takes to create optimal conditions for Koi to remain healthy and we have the best resources and products available when it comes to Koi and pond care.

Complete Service

We are not just specialists in supplying hand selected quality Japanese Koi; we offer a wide variety of pond services, provided by our in-house specialist team, which are carried out to the highest standard.


As Koi and pond specialists in East Sussex, this business is much more than a job – it is a lifelong passion. We have undertaken extensive research regarding Koi care, health and equipment, to ensure that we can provide the very best care for our Koi.  Maintaining these standards and providing an excellent service gives us real satisfaction.






Visit our shop, we pride ourselves on giving customers good advice based on our extensive knowledge and experience. Like most Koi dealers we started as Koi hobbyists 25 years ago and enthusiastic carp angles 35 years ago. We've extended our depth of knowledge relating to Fish Health, Water Quality and Filtration by studying at Sparshalt Aquatics College and undertaking OATA courses.

We are a reputable dealer and offer competitive prices and full customer support after purchase. Our in-house specialist team provide a full range of pond and maintenance services: Pond Cleans, Pond/Filter Maintenance, Pond/Koi Health Checks, Identifying and Repair Repair Leaks Pond Builds, Replacement liner Fitting, Filtration Upgrades, Complete Installations, Maintenance Contracts, Fish Transportation and many more...





If you are looking for Koi and pond specialists in East Sussex , get in touch with us at Icklesham Koi for all your Koi and pond needs.

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