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Like most Koi dealers, we started out as enthusiastic Koi hobbyists. Our passion grew and evolved and we soon completed the OATA (Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) courses. After this, we went on to study at the leading Aquatics and Fish Management College (Sparsholt College). This enabled us to improve the depth and breadth of our knowledge in fish biology, fish health, water quality and filtration systems (life support systems). 

We are now the sole southern agent for high quality Japanese Ogata Koi and are proud to welcome you into our shop.



Icklesham Koi
Where Quality and Service Matters

Icklesham Koi are Koi and pond specialists, situated near Rye and Hastings in East Sussex. Established in 2006, we are a reputable dealer offering fair and competitive prices, with a great reputation for always providing excellent customer care and quality service! We sell high quality, hand selected Japanese Koi and offer a wide variety of quality pond products from leading manufacturers.

We stock pond pumps, filtration systems, air pumps, UV clarifiers, Koi food, pipework, medications and so much more. We are a one-stop shop; everything you need to build your pond and support your Koi. We provide expert advice and information, and support our customers, even after sales! We don’t just sell products/Koi, we ensure that all of the products and Koi that we sell are ‘right for the job!’





 Pond & Koi Specialists in East Sussex Service


We are proud to offer a comprehensive service to our customers and welcome you to visit us at Icklesham Koi.

We are a reputable dealer and offer competitive prices and full customer support even after purchase. Our In-House Specialist Team provide a full range of Pond and Maintenance Services:

Pond Cleans, Pond/Filter Maintenance, Koi/Pond Health Checks,  Pond Builds, Pond Liner Installations, Complete Filtration Installations and Upgrades, Maintenance Contracts, Fish Transportation and many more...






All of the Koi we sell at Icklesham Koi are hand selected and imported from The Ogata Koi Farm, in Fukuoka, Japan. They are subject to stringent quarantine procedures, which include heat ramping in addition to regular inspection and health checks. Customers can be confident that the Koi bought from us are healthy and disease free! This is a lifetime passion, so you can be sure to receive an impeccable service, that supports you, the customer, both during and after the sale has been made.

Regulations (Animal Welfare Act 2006 – 5 Star Rated Licence)

Rother District Council are responsible for issuing our licence. Over the years regulations have changed significantly, to ensure that retail outlets have the necessary documented procedures in place to ensure the welfare of livestock which we fully support, this has been long overdue. We are also subject to stringent checks by the authorities and only when the authorities are satisfied that all of the criteria are met will they issue a license. We are proud to have been presented with a 5 out of 5 top star rating for our business.

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Why Choose Icklesham Koi?


You can count on us to provide expert advice regarding any Koi/pond related concerns you may have. We know exactly what it takes to create optimal conditions for Koi to remain healthy and we have the best resources and products available when it comes to Koi and pond care.

Complete Service

We are not just specialists in supplying hand selected quality Japanese Koi; we offer a wide variety of pond services, provided by our in-house specialist team, which are carried out to the highest standard.


As Koi and pond specialists in East Sussex, this business is much more than a job – it is a lifelong passion. We have undertaken extensive research regarding Koi care, health and equipment, to ensure that we can provide the very best care for our Koi. Maintaining these standards and providing an excellent service gives us real satisfaction.






If you are looking for Koi and pond specialists in East Sussex, please come visit us at Icklesham Koi or contact us.

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