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Oyster Shells


Many people believe that if their tap water is somewhat harder they won’t have any problems with KH and pH values.

The KH to some extent acts as a buffer to the water’s degree of acidity (pH). Fish, plants and the biological filter ‘consume’ water hardness (KH). If, for example, too little water is then changed during the winter period, the KH can quickly become too low. The KH value also drops quickly when there is too much rain. This affects the fish, because this can cause the pH value to drop steeply (referred to as the pH crash).

Oyster shells safeguard full KH and pH stabilisation over the longer term. The oyster shells only dissolve slowly once the KH drops and this way buffer the pH. Entirely independently of the quantity of rain, water changes or the seasons, the oyster shells automatically keep your KH up to par and the pH stable. Only once the oyster shells are virtually completely dissolved do you need to replenish them with new oyster shells.



Filter Brushes


At Icklesham Koi we stock a large range of filter brushes (basils) suitable for all your filtering requirements.

They are of a semi-rigid construction with a loop at the end for easy installation ad removal for cleaning.

Bristles are of strong polypropylene and are easily washed by rinsing in a bucket of pond water (not chlorinated tap water, it will kill your bacteria).

They are available in the following sizes:

  • Green (small)     10" x 8" (25.4cm x 20.4cm)
  • Green (medium)16" x 8" (40.6cm x 20.4cm)
  • Green (large)     20" x 8" (50.8cm x 20.4cm)




Filter Foam and Wadding


High quality sheet foam can be cut down to any size giving a large economical filter surface.

Can be used in conjunction with filter wadding for sparkling water quality.

3-piece foam packs are available to fit virtually all types and sizes of biological box filters and come supplied in three different grades of dimpled foam per set.


Stock Sizes are:

  • 11" x 17"
  • 12" x 22"
  • 18" x 25"
  • 21" x 42"


Japanese Matting



Blue Jananese filter matting (The Genuine and original blue Japanese filter matting) is available from Icklesham Koi and is available in 38 mm. Due to its coarse nature it has excellent bio-mass retention and its open texture removes larger particles from the water.    

Available in:  

  • 2 metre x 1 metre - 38mm thick
  • 1 metre x 1 metre - 38mm thick
  • 11" x 17" (Packs of three) - 38mm thick
  • 18" x 25" (Packs of three) - 38mm thick










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