Pipework and Fittings

 Flexible Connectors



Our flexible rubber connectors are extremely strong and durable. They come complete with metal clips for tightening onto plastic pipework. These EPDM rubber Caps are a versatile product that are able to stretch over a range of diameters, making them perfect to use with PVC, Waste and Pressure pipe.

These can be used as a temporary fix to a leaking problem or can be used long-term where buried pipework is no longer needed.

Sizes available 1.5” 2” 3” and 4”


 Pond and Koi Specialists selling East Sussex and Rye











Black Solvent Weld Connectors and Pipework

At Icklesham Koi we stock a large collection of pipes and fittings but if you don't see what you need or need some advice then give us a call. 

3mtr lengths 

Black solvent 45 degree bend


 90 degree bend (waste) 

Black Solvent Tee 

Black Solvent Socket 

Black Solvent Female/Female Union 


 1.5 Inch Threaded Coupling (Waste) Aquamax

 F/M (TMC) Threaded Socket

 Solvent Weld Steped Hose Tail 

 Solvent Reducer Sleeve


 Filter Cage 

 Threaded Plug 

 Sweeping 90 Degree Bend

Weld-On Wet 'R Dry 725





Pressure Pipe Connectors and Pipework

 Grey PVC Pressure PIPE Pond and Koi Specialists selling East Sussex and Rye

PVC Pressure Socket


 PVC Pressure 45" Elbow

PVC Pressure 90" Bend

 PVC Pressure 90"
Swept Bend

PVC Pressure



 PVC Pressure Socket Union (Plain -

PVC Pressure Female Thread Socket Union (Plain)

 PVC Pressure End

PVC Pressure Female Thread Union (Plain-Female)


 PVC Pressure Male Thread Union

PVC Pressure Tube Pipe


 Valterra Slides Valves

Ball Valves


 Gold Label Underwater Sealer

 Weld-On Wet 'R Dry 725

PVC Pressure Reducers






Flexible Hose





Our Flexible Hose is sold by the  metre and comes in a range of sizes  This tough black spiral ribbed hose is really strong.

Sizes Available  ¾”,1”,1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”

 Pond and Koi Specialists selling East Sussex and Rye









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